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Advanced Shipping Solutions – Total Control

DHL makes express shipping simple and efficient for our account holders. From easy-to-use PC software to straightforward shipping management or fully-integrated business solutions – we’re happy to discuss the right solution for you.

DHL IntraShip

DHL IntraShip automates your standard routines for shipment processing, tracking and management. Even those who are not shipping professionals can speed through the process and be informed about shipments 24/7. And simple account management and reports give you visibility and control over the account.

Advanced and flexible to suit everyone’s needs.

DHL IntraShip is easily customized during configuration to meet your specific needs and processes. Importing data from your systems, managing shippers in different locations and controlling online approval processes can be handled with ease. Customer support for more complex configuration requirements is provided by DHL Express, to ensure that your business gets the most from this advanced eShipping solution.
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What is DHL Connect?

DHL Connect is an express shipping tool for small/medium businesses. It can be installed on your PC within minutes and gives you all the benefits of online shipping with additional management features.

How can DHL Connect help you?

  • Completes waybills and customs documentation
  • Prepares advance shipments to send later
  • Selects the right shipping and value-added services for each shipment
  • Accesses real-time tracking and schedules courier pickups
  • Delivers email pre-alerts to recipients
  • Utilizes easy reporting – for improved shipment management
  • Accesses for all the latest service bulletins and shipping information
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What is DHL EasyShip?

DHL EasyShip is an integrated shipping management solution. Designed for shippers with large shipment volume, DHL EasyShip is a powerful tool that streamlines your shipping process and increases speed and productivity. From multi-national supply chains to companies with a central shipping function, DHL EasyShip can meet your needs.

DHL EasyShip can run on a single PC or over your local network, so you can extend access to several users.

How can DHL EasyShip help you?

  • Streamlines shipping processes by preparing waybills, labels and customs documentation
  • Utilizes one-click shipping functionality to prepare frequent or recurring shipments
  • Provides real-time tracking, instantaneous pricing and customizable reporting
  • Maintains shipment history and an extensive address book
  • Allows for data import and export for integration with customer applications
  • Supports shipment mailing lists, pre-notification and deferred shipments
  • Comes with full technical support including training, documentation, helpdesk, updates and on-site maintenance
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